GAS HSP, Mumbai

A store experience begins much before the customers enter the store. The brand image and recall play in their mind and meet the physical touch point. To achieve the desired effect the idea was to use factory made fixtures. Careful planning ensured that every detail was documented and every fixture was tailor made.

A dual language is evident across the store – concrete floors and walls juxtaposed on rustic wood impart an industrial look. The entire store has a monolithic shade of blue black paint finish which is unique to the Gas store concept. This dark shade act as a backdrop for the white lacquered wave wall that enhances the merchandise.

The DENIM WALL is the defining feature of the store. The imposing wall combines semicircular shape. And the denim icon lends itself as a curvy supple horizontal display. The curved concrete denim wall with shuttering impression has been retained in this flagship concept - to ensure that it is the focal point for  the proverbial GAS customer.

A mix of the new and veteran features in the GAS store enhance the brand and exhibit how the brand can achieve new heights through its store fixtures.