Focussed Vision

From mass production to bespoke installations
This has led us to earning an unbeatable stand as respected leaders in furniture and fixture solutions on the global map. We truly believe that the learning never stops, and it is our endeavour to cater to an international repertoire of international names in commercial enterprises and premium residences with our cutting edge solutions.

Attention to Detail

Has pushed us to be economical, scalable and sustainable
We have made it our mission to create new pathways and roadmaps to push the envelope of industry benchmark. We love to think, and we love a good brainstorming session – be it within the internal team or with clients who have an appetite to explore new possibilities.
It is an internal joke that we are forever students and learning never stops. This has inspired our teams to dig out solutions that are economical, scalable and sustainable and implement best practices in designing solutions, offering impeccable customer service, and becoming the go-to project executioners across an array of sectors, including retail, healthcare, education and residences.
We love the process of working with an idea, delving into the visual expectation with our practical output. Our best feedback, which we can’t help but share here with you is that our execution exacts 3D models. We happily tip our hats.
Every dream needs practical know-how to give it a real shape.


Friends Rahul Khetan and Amit Mohta identify a void and craft a reliable and service-driven professional solution for shopfittings in the retail market
Elemental Fixtures is born with a team of 50 employees in a 10,000 sq. ft factory
A success story of 500 employees, 450,000 sq.ft factory and HOW MANY CLIENTS well-serviced customers
Elemental Fixtures client family is spread across all Indian cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. On the international map, we service clients in UK, USA, Australia and Europe. Our grandest project till date is the second-largest Hamleys store in the world inaugurated in Albania in November 2022.

Built on Trust

Each brick of our company is laid on the strong foundation of friendship. Our founders and best friends, Rahul Khetan and Amit Mohta, launched Elemental Fixtures in 2013, and since inception, they have nurtured a long-term commitment to be the go-to enterprise for shop fittings in the industry.
Their constant endeavour has been to fill the large gaping void of service-oriented store interior requirements, design engineering of top-notch craftsmanship and delivering solution-driven plans.
We began with a team of 50 craftsmen in a 10,000 sq ft factory in Bangalore. Today, our total strength has is over 500 artisans across 4.50 lakh sq ft space, which includes three dedicated wood work, metal and powder coating manufacturing facilities.
With our cutting-edge work studio of high-end machines and topnotch tools, we effortlessly deliver world-class furniture and fixture solutions in record time.
Every team leader for a project has the support of the best project management frameworks that track and monitor minutest detail. This ensures real-time control at every stage: from ideation to execution on an in-house mobile application.
The duo brings international intelligence to serve clients on a personal level with a professional approach. The last decade, the industry has recognised their reliable and respectable potential as peers often turn to them for “friendly advice”.

Toasting to another Decade

With the last decade giving us the perfect trampoline jump to aim higher, we are geared to make the most of our next decade. We are ready to run marathons for big corporates, relays for charged entrepreneurs and bespoke outings. Our infrastructure is equipped to solve anything and everything related to fixtures. We want to service customers in such a way, that we become their inspiration to dream bigger. We look forward to delivering their growing appetites.

Quality deliverables is our habit. Timelines are sacrosanct.