Here’s an honest confession: We are obsessed with shopfittings. We love the process of turning a 2D drawing of an ideal store into a real possibility. It’s a job well done when we watch our executions filled with customers and making profitable sales.
We look forward to showing up with the same enthusiasm and expertise every single day. Our biggest core strength lies in the quality of our service.
When we get a client on board, we become their team members, not just an agency they hire.
We offer holistic services for manufacturing, designing and executing fixtures and furniture solutions for all kinds of retail store display systems.
Call us a one-shop-stop for store fixtures and solutions. We are industry agnostic and have successful accomplished projects in residential, hospitality, retail, educational institutes and healthcare institutions.
Elemental Fixtures has made its mark in all Indian cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. On the international front, we service clients in UK, USA, Australia and European countries. Our grandest project till date is the second-largest Hamleys store in the world inaugurated in Albania in November 2022.
Our production capabilities are unmatched. An experienced team empowered with the best equipment and high-quality material ensures it delivers day after day without exception.

The Elemental Work shop

Woodwork Factory
Spread across over 2,40,000 sq ft, supported by a strong team of over 300 artisans.
Metal Workshop
Spread over 1,65,000 sq ft, supported by a strong team of over 250 artisans
Powder Coating Unit
25,000 sq ft, supported by a strong team of over 50 employees

Equipped with the latest machinery to enable quality workmanship


Our dedicated woodwork workshop is spread across over 70,000 sq ft, with over 150 artisans. The highly-skilled team efficiently works with all forms of wood surface, including solid wood, panel boards, laminates and veneers. The woodwork workshop is equipped with all cutting-edge machines.

Solid Surface (Corian)

Our compact solid surface workshop spans across over 2,000 sqft, managed by over 10 artisans. This team is proficient in moulding and cladding solid surfaces on various wooden and metal pieces.


The dedicated metal workshop is sprawled across over 1,65,000 sqft and managed by over 250 artisans. The team is a champion in various forms of metal including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and more.


Our acrylic workshop spans across over 3,000 sqft, managed by over 20 artisans. The team produces acrylic signages, displays, POS materials, among others.


The dedicated painting workshop is spread across over 30,000 sqft, managed by over 60 artisans. They are masters of finishes – be it on solid wood, panel boards, acrylic or veneer.

Powder coating

The dedicated powder coating workshop spans across over 25,000 sqft, managed by over 50 artisans. They handle mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


The dedicated upholstery workshop is spread across over 5,000 sqft, managed by over 20 artisans. Here they work wonders with materials such as leather and fabric.


The dedicated electrical workshop is spread across over 5,000 sqft, managed by over 20 artisans. They create magic with LED lights, sequential lighting, sensor-based lighting, among others.

Our Process

At Elemental, we engineer world-class furniture and fixture solutions for brands across a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, education, among others. We achieve this with an in-depth knowledge of every sector, mapping future trends and staying ahead of the curve. We are constantly innovating unique measures with newer materials, processes and execution capabilities.

Project Management Framework

Project Management & Quality Control
Contract Management
Design & Drafting
Material Purchasing
Manufacturing & Finishing
Our world-class project management framework monitors every little detail, from ideation to execution. This proprietary enterprise resource planning platform is available to all Elementalites as an in-house mobile application. We merge talent and technology to transform design concepts into on ground realities.

Once you work with us, you will be addicted to our services. We meet all your requirements!