PAN India

Snitch is a contemporary men's fashion brand based in India, known for its fast fashion approach. Launched in 2019, Snitch quickly adapted to a direct-to-consumer model to expand its reach in the Indian market, especially during the pandemic. The brand is distinctive for its global design inspirations and an unconventional style ethos, often responding rapidly to the latest fashion trends to offer stylish and accessible clothing. Snitch has made a notable impact by securing significant investments on platforms like Shark Tank India, which has helped catapult its growth and visibility in the competitive fashion industry.

Snitch, a fast-growing men's fashion brand in India, is actively expanding its retail presence by opening new stores across major cities. The brand recently opened its largest store in Vadodara, Gujarat, and also has a significant store in Bengaluru, located on the bustling Brigade Road. These stores are designed to enhance the shopping experience, allowing customers to interact directly with the brand's latest fashion offerings.